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Stud Tree

ST-002 - Stud Tree Stud Kit

ST-002 - Stud Tree Stud Kit

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ST-002 - Stud Tree Stud Kit

The Stud Tree Eventing & Polo Stud Kit is a must-have for all equestrians and horse riding enthusiasts. 

This kit includes everything you need to keep your horse's hooves secure and comfortable during competitions and training sessions. 

The kit is perfect for eventing and polo, with a range of studs to suit all types of terrain. 

It's made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity, so you can be sure that your investment will be worthwhile. 

The Kit comes complete with 6 sets of 4 Studs and contains the following:-

1 x ST-03-01:   Multi Tool - Comprising 2 Wrenches / Hoof Pick / Screw Tap
1 x ST-002:       Stud Tree PVC Barrel
1 x ST-03-04:    Canvas Storage Bag
1 x ST-03-03:    Carabiner

4 x ST-02-01 -  Short Road Stud: 10mm Square x 17mm Long
4 x ST-02-02 -  Deep Footing / Mud Stud: 10mm Square x 23.5mm Long
4 x ST-02-03 -  Bullet Spike Stud: 10mm Square x 23mm Long
4 x ST-02-04 -  Spike Grass Stud: 10mm Square x 21mm Long
4 x ST-02-05 -  Short Road Stud: 13mm Hex x 15.5mm Long
4 x ST-02-06 -  Long Grass Stud: 13mm Hex x 23mm Long

Alternate studs can be purchased from our store to suit your own preferences

With this kit, you can be confident that your horse's performance will be at its best whatever the ground conditions.

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