Compare Sailing models – Get help choosing.

There are lots of models to choose from when picking the right Optimum Time for you, and each model suits a different type of sailor. We’ve put together this guide so that finding the perfect one is easy!

There’s some functionality that all our timers share:

Water-resistant to 5 ATM with shock-resistant construction.

Features the time, a calendar, and a time of day alarm.

A count-up (from zero) timer.

Programmed countdown timer with an alarm, including a pre-programmed 5,4,1,0 ISAF, 3 min or 1 min starts sequences with audible warning signals (which can be silenced, if preferred). There's also a sequence repeat option.

The incredibly useful sync button synchronises your countdown to the race control timer, so you won’t miss the gun.

Here’s what sets them apart:

OS Series 15


The latest in the Optimum Time line-up, combining many of the most loved features into a neat, modern and durable package. It is designed to be worn from deck to dock with a mid-size bezel, striking the perfect balance between 'wearability' and visibility in the heat of the start.

Other feature highlights:

  • Comfortable to wear with a grippy and soft silicone strap.
  • Large 29mm diameter display and 12.5mm digits.
  • Electro-luminescence backlight.

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OS Series 14R

All the functionality of the series 3 timers, and it also comes with a rechargeable battery, vibration alarm, and higher-spec screen. This is a sailing competitor’s best friend. It can be strapped to a mast or you can comfortably wear it over your sailing kit.

Other feature highlights:

  • 36mm diameter display size with 13mm digits in normal mode.
  • Massive 23mm digits for the final 59 seconds.
  • 3-row dot matrix display to show time and timer together.
  • Adjustable viewing angle.
  • Boom/Mast mounting bracket supplied.
  • Buttons are widely spaced for easy operation when wearing gloves.

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OS Series 12R

This has the same features as the series 14R timer but as a wristwatch with a smaller bezel, so it’s ideal for the deck to dock wear. It comes with a soft silicone strap instead of an elasticated one.

Other feature highlights:

  • 28mm diameter display size.
  • 9mm digits in normal mode.
  • Large 19mm digits for final 59 seconds.
  • 3 Row display to show time and timer together.
  • High-temperature LCDs suited to severe warmth and UV rays.

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OS Series 11

This is a superb race timer aimed at the novice sailor with all the basic functionality required and available in a fantastic choice of colours. This timer has the smallest display size in the sailing range, at 26mm diameter, making it perfect to wear on land too.

Other feature highlights:

  • Comfortable to wear with a soft-touch PU strap.
  • Clear display with a large 10mm digit height.
  • Electro-luminescence backlight.

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OS Series 3

The original and iconic ‘big yellow timer’, is still the top choice for competitors around the world today. This jumbo timer is much larger than your average watch with big buttons, making it easier to use during your start sequence. The elastic wrist strap is easy to fit over your sailing kit, or you can attach it to your buoyancy aid or the mast.

Other feature highlights:

  • Massive 38mm x 20mm display size with 16mm digit height.
  • Adjustable viewing angle.
  • Boom/mast mount bracket supplied.
  • High-temperature LCDs suited to severe warmth and UV rays.

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